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About Us

Fernando and Cheryl  will capture those touching cherished moments and make them last forever with their Enchanted Photos.

About Fernando:

Fernando's passion for photography began with his very first trip to Europe back in 1985. Since then, he's traveled over the world doing what he loves most: sightseeing, meeting new people, and of course taking  lots of pictures. While traveling, he often goes to the same place twice because the lighting is different throughout the day. In one trip alone he took over 78 rolls of film! When taking pictures of people he always takes multiple shots just in case someone is blinking. Fernando has been an accomplished photographer for almost 20 years now, and  has sold his photography in numerous art shows and galleries. After many years of taking pictures (portraits, weddings and in many other special events) for friends and family, he decided it was time to charge for it and opened his own studio in the early years of this decade. Since then he has been doing an average of thirty to forty weddings per year  and he is still loving it.


About Cheryl:

Cheryl has enjoyed photography since her high school years. She has perfected her photographic techniques working along with Fernando for the last four years where she has become even more accomplished and passionate about photography.  She enjoys doing weddings because everyone is having a good time and she loves capturing the emotions and the feelings of those magical moments with her camera. It also gives her the opportunity to express her creativity and artistic nature through her photography.