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What is the resolution of the pictures?

Please notice that all the pictures on this website are low resolution so that they don't take too long to download, especially on slow connections. The actual prints and photos on CD are of very high quality and resolution. The  cameras we use have a resolution of 8.2 MP. Please email or call us for a free consultation to show you our portfolio.

How about backups?

We are all about backups! For one, having two photographers not only allows us to provide more coverage and different angles, but also serves the additional purpose of each camera acting as a backup for the other. We capture all the traditional, artistic, and romantic pictures with both cameras. If something were to happen to a memory card, we would still have all the pictures from the other camera. We also carry backup equipment (extra cameras and flashes in case there was a problem with the equipment during the event). We also archive copies of your photographs both on-site and off-site for increased reliability.  We keep two separate copies of your files on each location.  Finally, we have backup photographers for the extremely unlikely event that either photographer is too ill to photograph your event.

How many pictures do we take?

We don't limit ourselves on how many pictures we take. We will be shooting as long as we are there. The averages depend on the package naturally. For instance in the deluxe package we take on average 1500 to 2500 pictures! In the standard package on average we take anywhere between 1000 and 1800 pictures.

Is there a time limit?

We'll be there for as long as you want us, including entire day coverage. We don't overbook ourselves, so we reserve the entire day for your event. See the price list for the hourly rate.

How about engagement pictures?

Sure. We do engagement, rehearsal dinner, getting-ready pictures, portraits, you name it! It's your time and you decide how to use it. One hour minimum.

Is travel ok?

Traveling is no problem. A small fee may apply outside the extended Sacramento area.

Is the tax included in the price list?

Tax is not included in the price list. The tax rate is 7.25%.

What are the advantages of digital over film?

With digital we can check each picture as soon as we take it and make sure everyone has their eyes open; if not, we can always retake it right away. With digital we can adjust the speed (light sensitivity) on a frame- per-frame basis as opposed to film where once we have loaded a film of a certain speed we have to shoot the entire roll with that particular speed. Finally with digital we can archive several copies of the pictures on different locations for increased reliability.

Is digital less expensive for us?

Not really. What we save on film we spend on hard disk storage for picture archival. Some weddings can take as much as 25GB of hard disk space, and we keep two copies on-site and two copies off-site for guaranteed survivability of the photographs.